Gotta Have More Comic-Con News: Burning Questions Left After Comic-Con 2014

I’m a greedy geek. I know. I get that. Why can’t I just be happy with what the studio gods have deemed worthy to leak to the lucky fangirls and boys in San Diego?! I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription is more Comic-Con news, specifically Comic-Con movie news. Here’s a rundown of the unanswered questions geeks around the world are still yearning for answers to placate our fan theory-addled minds.

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Anime: A Love/Hate Story

Sailor Moon Crystal

The older I got, the more anime I discovered. The more anime I discovered, the more I marvelled at the stories shared in those series. The more I marveled at the stories, the more perplexed I became at just what exactly those stories included. There are certain tropes I chalk up to cultural differences — demons, Japanese school systems, preoccupation on apocalyptic imagery — but some are more difficult to explain away.

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